Sugar, Honey Honey, You are my Candy Girl

Candy by Prada

This post puts in me in mind of a friend who likes to greet me by shouting “HELLO SUGAR TITS”, preferably in public.

Like Wes Anderson films, a little gourmand goes a long way. Gourmand perfumes smell of cakes, macarons, caramels, vanilla, almonds, pastries, puddings, sweeties. They have been fashionable for quite some time, and Candy by Prada (2011, by Daniela Andrier who also crafted Infusion d’Iris) is one of the best. Its design concept is kitschy-glam-Barbie: very girly, very amped up femininity, very millenial pink.

The Fragrantica bar chart of noted accords for this perfume is topped by a massive line of caramel, and that sums it up. If you want to smell of burnt sugar, candy floss, caramel, this is your number. It’s a one trick pony but its a nice trick. Neither is it sickening, not at all on the nauseous end of the scale. There’s a grown-up glossy buxom warmth to it, so lets call it high end burnt candy floss. Not for little girls. Its ideal for a cold winter night outside; traipsing round with kids doing trick or treat, fireworks night or an evening funfair. I wore it most recently on an MNO to sit in a beer garden by a firepit (Mums’ Night Out – with pandemics and under fives, extremely rare events) and it was a perfect fit for the crisp cool air. My friend wore L’Interdit.

I could imagine any of these characters wearing Candy. These are women with bite who love to play around with hyper-femme pinkness.

The Wes Anderson – Prada Connection

I think I prefer Wes’ shorts to full length outputs. His ad for the Candy L’Eau flanker is a joyful little micro-drama, starring Léa Seydoux and her two boyfriends. How refreshing to see a young woman in charge of her sexual and romantic destiny, quite literally having her cake and eating it!

It’s a cheerful three minute millenial remake of the black and white 1962 Nouvelle Vague classic Jules et Jim – with no one crying and being fucking moany. Tout est bon! Confession: I have not seen J&J and I have zero intention of doing so.

Sandwich d’amour

Here I’ll also tout the fab Bar Luce in the Fondazione Prada in Milan. If you are heading to Milan, Bar Luce plus Villa Necchi mentioned in my Colonia review below would be my top picks. This is the cafe of the Prada art foundation, all designed by Wes Anderson.

I want some cake.

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