‘You smell like a baby prostitute’, Mean Girls, 2004

Such a quotable movie.

I’ve linked the greatest hits YouTube clip below to start where Janis tells Cady she smells “like a baby prostitute”.

Janis can sense Cady slipping away from her, going native with the Plastics under the influence of Regina George. This sickly sugary fragrance is just the latest indicator. Is Janis wondering if she has created a monster, like Cher in Clueless when her protégé Tai starts answering back? (subtitles option available in this YouTube clip).

This is the scent of betrayal.

But more importantly, which perfume is it? Vote below.

(I wanted to include Paris Hilton’s Heiress as an option, but have excluded it for authenticity as it was released in 2006).

The greatest lines from Mean Girls. Subtitles option available in this YouTube clip.

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